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MSc Programme

In August 2013, Oil and Gas Engineering Academy launched MSc “Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering”. The programme was designed by the Robert Gordon University and relies upon Scotland’s years-long expertise in field-development in the North Sea. The MSc is a collaboration between academia and industry professionals with significant experience in offshore oil and gas. The project is tailored to specific needs of Russian offshore.

Classes are taught by RGU instructors in Sochi, Russia. The language of instruction is English. The programme spans 13 months; mode of delivery: on campus. All instructors are experienced offshore specialists.

RGU was founded in 1750. For the last 40 years, RGU has been training professionals for the oil and gas sector, specifically for oilfield development in the North Sea. In 2013, RGU was recognized as the best university in the UK for 97,7% graduate employment resulting from market-oriented teaching. Today, 15,000 full and part-time students from 120 countries are enrolled in RGU’s various courses.

The aim of this project is to train Russia’s offshore engineering specialists. The participants will acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills connected with offshore engineering and project management, as well as innovative thinking skills necessary to address complex multidisciplinary tasks. This course will equip the participants with sufficient competences to start a career in offshore oil and gas engineering.

The course will enhance initiative and creative approach, analytical and communication skills. The course content is designed so as to allow Academy alumni to specialize in offshore design, construction or operation.

Upon successful completion of the course, the graduates will obtain an MSc from RGU and a professional diploma from the OGE Academy.

MSc includes a 5-week intensive English course for Oil and Gas professionals, 8 modules and an Individual Project. Each module results in a Course Work allowing to keep track of the participants’ current performance.

Module titles
1. Intensive English Course for Oil and Gas professionals 5 weeks
Semester 1. General modules 576 hours
2. Subsurface

3. Wells
4. Facilities
5. Business Essentials  
Semester 2. Special modules 576 hours
6. The Oceans, Operability and Humans in the Ocean  
7. Subsea Systems  
8. Processing and Pipelines  
9. Materials and Corrosion Science  
Semester 3. Individual Engineering Research Investigation 14 weeks