Training Schedule 2020 (updated 28.05.20) is available for download here.

Preliminary training schedule 2021 is available for download here.

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Geomechanical modeling

10.06.2020 Course announce >>

Ready for 2021

01.06.2020 OGE Academy prepared for you preliminary training schedule for 2021 and will continue to update it with new courses and training programs. >>

Reservoir simulation: practical aspects

25.05.2020 Course announce >>

Drilling Fluid Engineering

25.05.2020 Course announce >>

Geological steering

25.05.2020 Course announce >>

PVT analysis

20.03.2020 Course announce >>

Oil & gas well testing design and analysis

12.03.2020 Course announce >>

March training

29.01.2020 We start! >>

The brain needs training too

24.01.2020 Course announce >>

English for Oil & Gas: workshop

20.01.2020 Course announce >>

Not only gravity is to blame

13.01.2020 Course announce >>

Consulting creative form of business training

27.12.2019 The one knowing what is profitable is wise! >>

Oilteam Tranining to Train Petroleum Professionals from Turkmenistan and Vietnam

18.09.2018 Oilteam Training are in talks with Turkmenistan's Dragon Oil and Vietnam's VPI on training opportunities. >>