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Oilteam Tranining to Train Petroleum Professionals from Turkmenistan and Vietnam


Autumn is always a busy time for us at Oilteam Training. People are returning from their vacations, and what better way to get back in professional shape than participating in a short course?  Not a week goes by without a training event. “Well Log Interpretation”, “Subsea Pipelines”, “PVT analysis”, “Reserves Estimation”. And it’s not just our Russia-based clients, our international activities are also on the rise.

After lots of talks and preparations, we are finally ready to launch a course in Turkmenistan. It is scheduled for the end of October and will be devoted to piping and instrumentation diagrams. Around 30 Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) employees have signed up so far. It will be our third in-house collaboration  with the company over the last two years, and the first one to be delivered at the client’s venue. Given the size of the group, it just makes more sense to send our instructor to the customer’s location than have the delegates come to our facility in Sochi.

We are also excited about another possible addition to our international family of clients. In Hanoi we met with Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) and presented over 20 training offerings.

VPI is the nation’s leading R&D center of the petroleum industry providing consultancy and training services in exploration, production, transportation, processing and other areas. The meeting was attended by Mdm. Nguyen Thi Lan Oanh, acting director of VPI’s Center of Petroleum Training and Information, and representatives of various Exploration and Production Center departments including Geophysics, Geology, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling, and EOR. VPI is part of the state-owned PetroVietnam, and our collaboration with VPI might potentially pave the way to subsequent projects with other PetroVietnam companies and subsidiaries. We are fortunate to have the support of the Russian Trade Mission in Vietnam.

We wish ourselves further successes in our international expansion, and to all our students, wherever they may be, we wish a very productive autumn!